why Do you shoot 72 images of most products?

At Razor, it is our belief that spin will be the standard way to view products on most ecommerce sites in the next few years.  To build a dynamic 3d spin, we shoot 72 images-24 images at each of 3 heights.  In this way, a customer can not only see all sides of the product, they can also view all sides from several perspectives.
If your site doesn't use spin yet, that's okay too.  Using our automated system we will still shoot 72 images and deliver only the product images you require. 

What is the difference between 3d and 360° spin photography?

360° spin photography allows the viewer to rotate an object on one level.
With 3d spins, a viewer can rotate a product on multiple levels.

360° spin vs. 3d spin

drag product left and right to spin


drag product left and right and up and down to spin


For most products, a 3d spin is a great option though there are some categories of products better served by using 360° spins.

Is a spin just a gif?

Not exactly.  Gifs don't allow a viewer to interact with the images.  With either 360° or 3d spin photography, a viewer can click or tap on the image and manually rotate a product. 

Does Razor Creative Labs create gifs?

Yes, we can.  Using the same images we shoot for a spin, we can build a gif.  Here's an example:


Will my website support 3d or 360° spin photography?

Yes.  We haven't found a site yet where we can't incorporate spin.  Most of the major site building platforms have extensions just for spin.  Adding the spins is easy and the team at Razor is happy to help you with that process.

How much do spins cost?

Spins don't cost that much more than traditional photography and the value is better.  Not only do we deliver a spin for each product, we also give you any or all of the still images you need.

Can i use my spins on social media?

Yes, and no.  Currently you can not use interactive spins on social media however, you can use gifs or videos both of which Razor can create using your spin images.